Pictures of Israel
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I thought this was an interesting picture of our flags!
This is the entrance to what Jesus spoke about in Matthew 16:18 KJV: And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against ...
The gates of hell was actually a place that the pagans worshipped at. The would enter the cave and sacrifice animals to their god pan, and then they would go to the lower part of the water flow where they would be washed with the blood and water of the sacrifices they made.
The gates of hell are technically still there, but no longer used for worship. Jesus was truly correct!
This was our Captain/guide on the boat Faith, that we traveled out on the Sea of Galilee. He was showing us how the fishermen in Jesus day would cast the nets- just as Peter and the disciples would.
David is a spirit filled Jew and as we traveled across the sea, his worship band led us into an awesome time of worship! Several people were on their hands and knees praying. Several people were asking for us to pray for them to receive The Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was an awesome time of worship!!
Many places in Israel that are explored during a trip there, are where they think places were during Jesus' day. There is no doubt about the Sea of Galilee. To worship on the ship of Faith was truly one of the most memorable events of the entire trip!
Jesus truly calms the seas in our lives- if we will allow him to!