The Bible Comes Alive!!! 


In 2019, we visited Israel. It is SO True, when you visit Israel, the Bible Comes alive!! There were unbelievable moments when you would just be looking at something and all of a sudden, the Spirit of the Lord would just flood your soul! 


This was one of those moments. We were in our hotel in Bethlehem, and it was December, so they had Santa Clause and the gaudiest decorated Christmas trees you have ever seen. I asked my husband to take a picture of me by the hand carved creche. I walked over to stand by it, and when I turned around, the Holy Ghost came over me and I just began to bawl!! No real reason-- just the overwhelming reality that Jesus was born in this town in a humble cave and placed in a manger.


How  REAL Jesus is! Yesterday, today, and forever!




This is the view of Jerusalem and The Dome of the Rock which is the Moslem Mosque that sits on the Temple Mount. Still controlled by the Moslems and a bone of contention for the Jews.






This the Wailing Wall where the Jews and Christians go to pray. They place their prayers in the holes of the wall and leave them there. There is a separation between where the men pray and the women pray. Women must dress modestly, wearing skirts and their hair must be covered. The men wear their kippah. Many wear their prayer cloths and use the tassels that hang on the prayer cloths to guide them in their prayers. Some take their rams horns to blow in worship. Often you hear groups of worshippers break out in song and began to dance- much like you see in our Pentecostal churches!! We felt right at home!!!




This is the tomb where Jesus is supposed to have been buried. You are able to walk into it. From a distance, you can see that the rock formation truly looks like a skull. As you can imagine, many were moved by the spirit at this site.


The interesting thing is, there is a bus station right in front of this site and hundreds of thousands of people pass by it every day, not knowing or understanding the eternal significance of what this represents!